On the horseback through the Swedish forest? - Pure Nature!

                                   Enjoy it on our reliable horses in the comfortable western or spanish saddles.

                            We just offer leaded tour, considering the riding-experiences of all riders in the group.

                                                                 The group size is individual, 1 up to 4 persons.

                                                                          Contact us to make an appointment:

                                                          mail to:  melanie@ranch52.se



                                                                +46-72-2197749 (mobil)


                                                                +46-470-20166 (Home)

Enjoy the nature 52 weeks a year

                                                         Requirements for a tour in the forest?


Normally are children from the age of 10 big enough to ride our horses, if they have riding experience.

Please ask for younger children!


For small tours (1 hour) is riding experience in walk and trot necessary. For beginners offer we riding lessons.

For bigger tours (more than 1 hour) is riding experience in walk, trot and galopp necessary.


For 1-hour-tours 95 kg, for bigger tours: 90 kg

We have no fix tours that you can book. All tours are individual.

Just if it fits from the riding experience we put groups together. In high season the longest tour takes 3 hours.

All the other time we could go out longer.

We have at the moment no trailriding from station to station for several days, but we work on it. In the future we can hopefully offer such tours in April/May and September.